The workplace is changing and diversity, equality, belonging, and inclusion strategies must align across all areas of the business. Grit & Flow can guide organizations in expanding their workforce to represent historically underrepresented groups including the integration of workers with disabilities, including invisible disabilities and mental health.

We are a unique consultancy created to increase the inclusivity of underemployed and utilized groups. Our practices are research-based and we address all clients and projects with the highest level of integrity and honesty while still providing tactful conversations about difficult topics. We are passionate about all workers, but we specialize in the integration of neurodiverse (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia), persons with disabilities (PWD), and differently-abled workers having the equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities leading to higher well-being and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

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Last Wednesday we hosted a webinar with Tom Keating and the team from Cognitopia. They provided an amazing overview and demonstration of their product which provides a variety of support modules for individuals of every age and a mechanism for job developers and coaches to easily manage multiple clients. We recorded the webinar. We had a log of fun recording it! I hope you enjoy watching it. Learn more at


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Our Vision

The Grit & Flow vision is that every person, regardless of ability or disability, has the right to find well-being through employment. It is our goal to promote this vision through consulting with businesses on how to make the strategic changes needed to create inclusive workplaces full of positive well-being.

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