A workplace has many dimensions, unique in the same way as the individuals that work there. At Grit & Flow, we use research and best practices. We include human resource management; diversity, equity and inclusion; organizational psychology, finance, and leadership expertise to address the organization. We find paths to creating an inclusive environment where employees can thrive. We believe it starts with asking the question, "How do you work best?" and by creating an environment where your employees and candidates feel safe to say, "I work best when..."


We address all clients and projects with the highest integrity and honesty while still providing discreet conversations about difficult topics. We are passionate about all workers but are distinctive as a workplace inclusion consultant. We understand the challenges, barriers, and enablers for a wider group of cognitively diverse workers that are often disregarded or overlooked by other consultancies.

Our perspective is different, one that is needed today in the complex equation of employee well-being and company motivations. We believe we are in the ideal position to guide your organization on the path to workplace inclusion. We are here. How can we help?

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is a psychological experience, facilitated by the behavior of those we come in contact with, and our own values, and those of the organization demonstrated through norms, practices, and processes (Ferdman, 2014).

What is Inclusive Leadership?

Grit & Flow has adopted Ferdman (2021, p. 3, para 1) definition:

“…Inclusive leadership goes well beyond cultural competence of managing diversity to incorporate creating and fostering the conditions that allow everyone  - across and with their differences and without having to subsume or hide valued identities – to be at and to do their best, to see the value in doing so, and to belong and participate in ways that are safe, engaged, appreciated, and fair.”

Ferdman, B. (2014). The practice of inclusion in diverse organizations: Toward a system and inclusive framework. In B. M. Ferdman & B.R. Deane (Eds.), Diversity at work: The practice of inclusion (pp. 3-54). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. https://doi.org/10.1002/9871118764282.ch1

Ferdman, B. (2021). Inclusive leadership: The Fulcrum of inclusion. In B.M. Ferdman, J. Prime & R. Riggio (Eds.), Inclusive Leadership: Transforming diverse lives, workplaces, and societies (pp. 3-24). New York, NY: Rutledge.

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