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Our Webinars

Our Webinars focus on sharing research and current trends in growing and nurturing inclusive work environments. It is important to us to not hide this information, but instead share it with all!

Hiring Disabled People -
What are we afraid of?

Tiffany Jameson, MBA, PHR, Ph.D. Candidate led this webinar based on research and personal experience while battling the employment gap!

This video will provide clarity and identify actionable steps you can take to tackle these fears and increase your inclusive hiring efforts.


Joined by - 

Matthew Shapiro founded a disability consulting company called 6 Wheels Consulting.

Rebecca Beam is the founder and CEO of Zavikon

Autistic Womxn -
becoming a better ally

grit & flow hosts a conversation about being an Autistic Womxn in the workplace!

These are just some of the main takeaways:

  • Experiences and challenges of Autistic Womxn from their point of view

  • How to be a stronger ally & offer support

  • Addressing myths and stereotypes

  • We are offering in-depth knowledge and tips towards increasing the inclusion and support of Autistics in the workplace.

  • A safe space for conversation related to challenges, experiences, and sensitive aspects of employing Autistic workers.

  • Includes academic research on the lives & experiences of Autistic Womxn, led by an openly autistic member of grit & flow.

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