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Jourdan Saunders, MS, CCC-SLP

Consultant, Freelance


  • Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology

  • Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology

  • Bachelor of Art in Speech Language Pathology/Audiology

  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

  • NDGiFTS Movement

Jourdan Saunders, MS, CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist, Disability Inclusion Consultant, Author, and Resource Generator. She develops solutions to ensure people with disabilities are included and are making meaningful connections with brands.

Jourdan is the owner of one of the largest SLP resources group with over 14,000 followers. Jourdan has written several articles for non-profit organizations, major magazines, and online resources. Her work has been featured in USA Gymnastics, American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), MarketWatch, Association of University Centers on Disability, and Kennedy Center.

As a Speech Language Pathologist she has worked in many different settings over the past few years and the biggest barrier that she saw for her clients with disabilities was the community and feeling included. Whether it was acceptance in the community, navigating the community, or lack of feeling there was support. Jourdan's work as a disability inclusion consultant seeks to bridge community and inclusion by helping businesses with brand development and ensuring people with disabilities are included as they develop and design their products and services. This is key because it unlocks the door to unlimited opportunities, and allows us to change how we are building, and to ensure we are building to include everyone in the community.

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