Building the Value Proposition

Training Objective

Understanding Corporate Hiring
• Introductory knowledge of employment supply and demand
• Understanding of Human Resource practices and various structures within organizations
• Review of business language in employee selection
Selling the Value Proposition
• Understand what a value proposition is and how it is used
• Dissect the components of a persuasive value proposition
• Create your value proposition
Laws that Protect Your Client
• Clarity on the Americans with Disabilities Act and how they apply to employee selection and accommodations
• Understand the purpose of the Equal Employment Opportunities Council (EEOC)
• Understand the purpose of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP)

Training Outcomes

How the employment rate impact available jobs
Know how HR departments are structured and how to approach each based on the structure
Know how to communicate with HR professionals effectively
Know how to apply the three parts of a value proposition for different situations
Thorough understanding and application of the ADA
Knowledge of when EEOC needs to be involved
Knowledge of when OFCCP needs to be involved
Strategies to use EEOC and OFCCP to increase employment opportunities



Duration (Hrs)


Days & Times

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