Job Developer Competencies

Training Objective

An assessment tool will be used to identify the areas for growth in the domains of believing in students, marketing to employers, and connecting to students and potential employers.

Explore and practices foundational competencies of job developers in the areas of purpose, attitudes and values, and fundamental communication skills

Training Outcomes

A report of scoring for believing, marketing, and connecting
Self-awareness of areas of strengths and weaknesses
Frame of mind set for future training.

Ability to use the models of disability to understand and connect with job seekers and employers
Confidently explain the application of the ADA for hiring and supporting job seekers and educating employers.

Knowledge of the five attitudes and values for professional relationship building
Understand and know how to apply fundamental communication skills of effective listening, connecting mediation and negotiation, and advocacy



Duration (Hrs)


Days & Times

Grit & Flow


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