Virtual Work during COVID-19:
Challenges, barriers & enablers for neurodiverse workers

Many have been met with workforce challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps none of them are as unique as those faced by neurodiverse workers. The Grit & Flow vision is that every person, regardless of ability or disability, has the right to find well-being through employment. The purpose of this study is to understand the challenges, barriers, and enablers faced by neurodiverse individuals who were abruptly shifted to working from home, as well as the solutions that helped make working from home easier. It is quite possible that this time of our lives will change the landscape of work forever as more companies experience the benefits of having a virtual workforce. By understanding the challenges, barriers, and enabling solutions you encountered working from home during this crisis, our research will inform organizations on the best practices for the future of working virtually with neurodiverse employees. 

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Nicole Seaward

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