Neurodiversity is my superpower

Sara shares her thoughts about being diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school and how it has impacted her life. Thank you for Sara. You are amazing, insightful and inspiring to so beautifully share your story.

I like to think that neurodiverse people have superpowers. We can think of ways to get to an idea that no one else can. With my ADHD, I can have moments of hyperfocus and get projects done before anyone else can. Some days I can work for four straight hours on a project or homework assignment. I do not limit myself because my brain works differently.

Of course, I did not always think that being neurodiverse was a good thing. When I was diagnosed in fourth grade, I did not understand ADHD or how it affected my behavior. From then on until seventh grade, I only saw the negative side of it. I didn’t know how to think before I spoke, and it cost me many friendships. My brain worked too fast for me to comprehend, and I always jumped from one topic to another, which ended up confusing those to whom I talked to.

But I slowly began to understand how my mind worked and began to see that little personality traits that I love about myself are from the factors of being neurodiverse. My outgoingness, compassion, the unique ways I can think of solving a problem, and my perseverance.

I am always happy to share my experience and outlook on this area because I understand it. I am comfortable with the way my brain works, and in no way am I ashamed to be neurodiverse. It is not an obstacle; it does not limit your future. Instead, it helps you work harder and achieve more. But to do that, you must accept yourself and look on the positive side.

If you are like me and are neurodiverse, I suggest you sit down for a couple of minutes and think of how it has positively influenced your life. Have you learned to accept yourself and love yourself? Have you learned perseverance? If you can’t think of a positive way that being neurodiverse has influenced your life, don’t be discouraged because I was in that same boat. If you are stuck, search up positive things about being neurodiverse or in that area. I think you will find qualities that will surprise you.

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