Johnathon Interview: Barriers

Updated: Jan 29

This is a video interview with Johnathon, discussing his barriers to employment and thriving in the workplace. Below the video is a transcript for those who would prefer just to read the interview.

Video Transcript: Edited for clarity.


I, that I understand. So now when it comes to the actual traditional workplace, something you know, when you try to get a job somewhere, what are the barriers in the process of getting the job and keeping the job with what the organization is doing? That's that's challenging or barrier for you to be successful?


One of the things that I mentioned earlier is that when people are asking one question, it can mean two entirely different things. That means that I might end up answer that actually only answering something completely unrelated to what's being asked on the job application. Things get especially bad when it comes to personality tests, which are generally a problematic thing to do, but here's, there's not often the opportunity to gain feedback. If something doesn't make sense. My favorite example of this is an application that asked if I had a spatial personality and that is not something I would have put it under personality. One of the ever common things for me is, which of these are you and you have to choose one way or the other. But my answer is both, but there's a lot of opportunity to create things that can give feedback, to be able to ask better, ask better questions, or understand where there are communication difficulties. And also again, communication includes texts sometimes. So one of my, so there's a phrase out there called good communication, but what is good communication, good communication’s a lot of different things. I have good communication skills that are completely unrelated to good communication that would be called bad communication, sometimes

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