Bernard and Burnett Interview: Enablers

Updated: Jan 29

This is a video interview with Bernard and Burnett, the Grant siblings, discussing what would enable them to succeed and thrive in the workplace. Below the video is a transcript for those who would prefer just to read the interview.

Video Transcript:

Edited for clarity.


If you guys have a magic wand and you said, this is how the workplace should operate, what would that look like?


We don't talk about anything that’s is not work related. Just get it done. You can talk about work related stuff. If you were talking about something not work related then do it on your lunch break. And then I go out by myself and you guys can have these conversations, but I just, I don't know what you're saying it’s basically ike you're speaking another language. I mean, not you, but when they say things that are not work related. It’s speaking another language and it's fine, but I don't understand it. And makes me very sleepy. So not just it, like, if we're on the clock, then we should be talking about work stuff.




Yeah. That the lights need to be much dimmer. There's just the lights. And there should be options for people who share office spaces to have their own office space or a cubicle. It's like for me anyway, I shared open office space with other people and if I could be by myself, I would be much more productive. So yeah, if it wasn't, if it wasn't, yeah, it was just one didn't we rely on social performance and focus on work. I like that idea, talk about work related things during work and then break to lunch, you talk about whatever else. But I don't think you'd be, I dunno if you're being heard, it can be a hard and fast rule. You can't get in trouble for having side conversations, but well, it would just be, it would be rather than discouraging


those side conversations you'd be encouraging work related discussions because it benefits everyone and it, and it would prevent HR from having to deal with trying to present, prevent legislation over people, having conflicts over saying offensive things.


Yeah, I think like people can have a conversation, but I think there's just this culture of putting value on a small talk, saying hello to people. Like if I say, people say how you doing? And I say, okay. I don't want that to mean anything. Like if I say, okay, then they take it personally. Like they think that I don't like them. I'm just an honest person. I'm not going to say I’m great if I'm tired. And so if I'm in the NT world, I'm often tired. So then I just, I typically say, okay, but a lot of times people say, well, what does that mean? What's going on or something? I just, I don't know. It just, not just placing so much value on these social skills because we're not getting paid to socialize. Oh, I do argue that society should stop using currency, but that's just another thing.


There's a whole other chapter. Yeah. No, that's that's you guys were awesome.

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