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Bernard and Burnett Interview: Challenges

This is a video interview with Bernard and Burnett, the Grant siblings, discussing their challenges in the workplace and the hiring process. Below the video is a transcript for those who would prefer just to read the interview.

Video Transcript:

Edited for clarity.


That's very common. Okay. So the next question is what are the major challenges that your neurodivergency or neuro diverse? What are the major challenge being neurodivergent bring to you in the workplace? The challenge, and you guys did talk a lot about those already. I don't know if you want to.




Well, no. My previous one was focused more on the social aspect of the TGM person and not being able to perform, but there's another aspect that stresses me out is and this is probably something that most people are experiencing. It's just a heightened use of technology. And I am terrible with technology. I learned from an autistic person on a podcast, she says, she's a technophobe. And I love that term. I never heard it before, but that's what I have. It gives me a lot of anxiety and working alone with technology, because Burnett is pretty good with it, even though I don't think he likes technology either, but they just don't understand that. But yeah, I have, I've had two panic attacks today. It just like a keyboard didn't work the way I thought I would when I was writing something. I don't remember the other thing was, but that's a challenge and it scares me.

Cause I think that we're just moving more and more towards technology, which I don't, I don't understand technology. So that's a challenge I want to speak about other than that's not social.


Yeah. And I have something else specifically, and that’s not social is the sensory issues brought on by the lights, the lights, there's too many lights in the building and it's too bright and it's everywhere. And I am always getting a headache from the lights and I get overstimulated. I struggle to focus and it's getting so bad now that I'm thinking I need to go find tinted glasses or something. I need to go to a doctor. The lights are just too bright and I also, Oh yeah. Anyway, I don't think most people see it that way. So it's like, just my problem so I need to go do something that.


Yeah, that's a too, when you're in. Well, both of your situations are interesting because Bernard, you really have nothing to do with technology to be a writer. And I think, but unfortunately everything is going that way. But if you're working in the lab, they probably want you to see really well. So everybody else is going to want those bright lights on, even though they're making it hard for you to do your job. So that's where it gets really complicated. So, great answers or sorry, experienced, I'm sorry. You're having those experiences, but you guys did a great job answering them there. All right.


I've never had, well, I've never, I've never been asked this question and I, yeah. I appreciate being asked this question.


Yeah, I do too.

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