Paid Internship Program

Finding the right employee is a difficult process for any organization. Using the Paid Internship Program (PIP), organizations have the benefit of having an employment professional find the perfect candidate for the job. California has created a program that allows employers that are willing to teach skills to a Regional Center customer by covering the costs associated with employment such as wages and worker's compensation. The employer agrees to seriously train the intern for a potential paid position, the regional center will support the employer through financial and job coach means.


Below, Grit & Flow's managing partner, Tiffany Jameson, interviews Arturo Cazares, Associate Director of the Regional Center Orange County, about the ins and outs of the Paid Internship Program.

The PIP is an excellent opportunity for employers to widen diversity and inclusion efforts. Grit & Flow is here to help navigate the process of diversifying your workforce. Contact us to get started!

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