Grit & Flow Neurodiverse & Differently-Abled

Advisory Panel

Grit & Flow strives to provide relevant and realistic answers to the population we educate and advise. This can only be accomplished by listening to the community we are advocating for inclusion. We are currently seeking individuals that are neurodiverse and have or had employment that is willing to participate in an advisory panel.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Grit & Flow Neurodiverse Advisory Panel is to provide the first-person perspective on issues regarding inclusivity, diversity, and talent management to the organization to add validity, innovation, and collaboration to the solutions promoted and implemented by this organization.

Goals & Objectives


  • Meet monthly as a group in person or via web conference to discuss current topics necessary for Grit & Flow initiatives, engagements, and research projects.

  • Promote the individuals on the advisory panel as experts in their field.

  • Meet 1:1 with Grit & Flow Managing Partner as needed to discuss items related to the panel members personal advancement.




The commitment is a minimum of three months.



  • Identify as neurodiverse, differently-abled, or an individual with mental health challenges.

  • Be willing to have an open dialog about experiences with employment, inclusion, and social aspects of everyday living.

  • Geographical location is not a factor.

  • Have experiences within the workforce in any capacity.

Please submit the interest form below to be considered for the panel. Tiffany Jameson will follow-up with you within 3 business days.

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