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Multigenerational Workforce

Webinar November 16, 2023
2:00 pm EST, 90 Minutes, $95

Unlock the Power of Multigenerational Collaboration:


In today's vibrant workplace, diversity extends beyond just skills and backgrounds. It encompasses the unique perspectives and work styles brought by different generations. Our comprehensive training delves into the fascinating nuances that define each generation – from Baby Boomers to Gen Z – and how these differences can be harnessed to drive unparalleled teamwork and innovation.

Why Understanding Generational Differences Matters:


Imagine a workplace where every team member feels heard and truly understood. This is the transformative potential of embracing generational diversity. Our training equips your organization with the insights and strategies to bridge generational gaps, sustain open communication, and create a harmonious work environment. By recognizing each generation's distinct motivations, communication preferences, and professional aspirations, you'll witness enhanced employee engagement, elevated productivity, and a remarkable boost in collaboration.

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of why generational knowledge is important in the workplace

  • Describe four/five generations working together (Silent, Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z)

  • Work Values per Generation

  • Preferred ways of acquiring knowledge

  • Management Styles per Generation

Presenter Bio

Nicole Seaward is an accomplished Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Researcher, and Principal Consultant at grit & flow, with expertise in leadership development, and a unique specialization in cognitive diversity, disability accessibility, inclusion, and multi-generational workplaces. 

nicole 2023.jpg

As a speaker for the Association for Autism and Neurodiversity (AANE) and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, she passionately shares her insights into optimizing workplace dynamics regarding multiple layers of visible and non-visible diversity. Nicole is not only a thought leader, she is also the President of an arts and culture non-profit, where she showcases her versatility as an inclusive, transformational leader using her change management expertise to seamlessly integrate her passion for the arts with her profound understanding of human behavior, inclusion, and the organizational dynamics of successful change required in our newly changing world of work.

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