2020-2021 Job Developer Training Registration Opens 9/20/20

Grit & Flow believes that job developers are an instrumental part of the employment cycle for individuals with I/DD. We would like to thank the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities for awarding a grant to provide hundreds of hours of training to California job developer specialists. Our training directly aligns with the SCDD Goal #2: Employment, through the training professionals directly responsible for preparing, guiding, securing, and supporting individuals with I/DD in employment.

Changing the narrative from job developer to business developer and having tools and strategies to engage the business within the State of California actively will create a systemic change through the creation of long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships creating an extensive pipeline of employment opportunities for Californians with I/DD.

The Objective of the Training:

The proposed project has two goals with a significant component of this proposal is the "train the trainer" function of modules within this proposal. The goal is to transfer knowledge of a research-based curriculum on interviewing, communicating with potential employers, soft skills, and establishing a professional online presence to job developers to enhance their ability to educate their clients. The impact on people with intellectual/developmental disabilities is increased employment opportunities, enhanced interviewing and soft skills for securing employment, and knowledge to create an ongoing presence to self-promote for employment opportunities as a lifelong skill.

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