Let us help you get started on your Inclusion Efforts.

The major challenge faced by today’s business, HR and talent leaders is formulating an inclusive recruitment, development and retention strategies for a diversified workforce. Many organizations are investing in Diversity and Inclusion, or D&I, efforts, but are missing their mark including individuals with neurological and mental health challenges. A diverse workforce is nothing without ensuring that it is inclusive. Inclusion is what eventually leads to organizational success. Inclusion implies the removal of obstacles and creates an environment in which every individual is treated respectfully and fairly in terms of equitable opportunities for participation and advancement leading to organizational success.[1]

As inclusion consultants, Grit & Flow is ideally suited to assist in developing an inclusive strategy to expand diversity efforts beyond the traditional age, race, gender, and religion focus, to invisible differences. Using organizational psychology and organizational change theories and practices, the right effort and implementation will be custom designed for your organization. Our focus is on neurodiversity, but our work benefits all avenues of DI&E efforts.

There are four types of inclusion efforts. Each requires a different level of organizational resources, and each makes a different level of impact on the organization. There is no one size fits all. Your current norms, behaviors, talent management processes, and workforce needs are a valuable piece of the equation.


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Our Vision

The Grit & Flow vision is that every person, regardless of ability or disability, has the right to find well-being through employment. It is our goal to promote this vision through consulting with businesses on how to make the strategic changes needed to create inclusive workplaces full of positive well-being.

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