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Some of our Services

Knowledgable and dynamic training customized to your organization's needs.

Corporate Training

Consulting Services

Right-size your effort and set yourself up for success.

Inclusive Organization Feasibility Study

Consulting Services

How do we align our inclusion strategy with our business strategy? What are our goals and how will be accomplish them?

Inclusion Strategy and Planning

Consulting Services

Project management to oversee plan implementation and provide support and guidance.

Inclusion Plan Implementation

Consulting Services

We can help organizations and their teams have difficult, but important, discussions about diversity and inclusion. This includes disabilities, neurodiversity and mental health.

Facilitate Diversity and Inclusion Discussions

Consulting Services

 Inclusion is basically the culture existing in the organization when people of all groups are allowed to present their views and collectively engage in the core activities of the organization.

1. Panicker, A., Agrawal, R. K., & Khandelwal, U. (2018). Inclusive workplace and organizational citizenship behavior. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 37(6), 530-550. doi:10.1108/edi-03-2017-0054