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Creating a difference by simply asking...

"How do you work best?"

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What is inclusion?

Inclusion is a sustained effort that relies on understanding individual perceptions, attitudes, personalities, and group dynamics. It encompasses surface- and deeper-level diversity concerning well-being, productivity, and an overall sense of belonging.

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Is your organization inclusive?

Humans, by nature, resist change. Experience with change management is, therefore, necessary to successfully transform organizations into inclusive environments.

grit & flow understands these complexities and how these aspects of organizational culture impact team functioning and performance outcomes.

This is where we come in.

Regardless of where you are on your inclusion journey, contact grit & flow today to discuss creating an inclusive workplace and watch your organization thrive.

“…Inclusive leadership goes well beyond cultural competence of managing diversity to incorporate creating and fostering the conditions that allow everyone  - across and with their differences and without having to subsume or hide valued identities – to be at and to do their best, to see the value in doing so, and to belong and participate in ways that are safe, engaged, appreciated, and fair.”

Ferdman (2021, p. 3, par1)




Business Services

Work Interview

Business Training

Corporate training provides organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to increase efficiency and motivation. Training leads to corporate culture through investing in your employees. grit & flow provides authentic, knowledgeable, and passionate corporate training. We guarantee high engagement by participants, increasing retention and implementation of knowledge and skills.

Business Meeting

Business & Inclusion Consulting

Using our multi-disciplinary approach to apply Organizational Psychology Consulting, we help organizations and workers thrive! Organizational Psychology is a specialty area of psychology focusing on applying and extending the study and interpretation of human behavior within organizations. grit & flow are research-practitioners applying recent research findings to help guide our clients through organizational growth.

Corporate Sevices

Job Developer Training

Business Presentation

Job Developer Competencies Series

  1. Job Developer Confidence

  2. Understanding Disability Models and ADA

  3. Foundational Competencies

professional developmnet training sessio

Building the Value Proposition Series

  1. Understanding Corporate Hiring

  2. Selling the Value Proposition

  3. Laws that Affect your Client

Board Meeting

Train the Trainer: Skills to Transfer to Job Seekers

  1. Tools to Assess Strengths

  2. Online Profiles

  3. Breaking Down the Interview

  4. Creating Goal Orientation Identity for Job Seekers

  5. Tools for Assessing Work Readiness

Job Dev Training

Hear from those we have worked with...

Very comprehensive & offered new information & tools to help our students move forward

Check our biases at the door and meet the student where they are at. 

I know my staff will use many different aspects when working with our clients!

grit & flow adds a unique element to organizations bringing all the stakeholders together to work as one unit toward creating an inclusive workplace. 

James Emmet

James Emmett & Company

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Small talk at work...

This is a video interview with Bernard and Burnett, the Grant siblings, discussing what would enable them to succeed and thrive in the workplace.


This is a video interview with Johnathon, discussing what would enable him to succeed and thrive in the workplace.


This is a video interview with Anna, discussing what would enable her to succeed and thrive in the workplace.

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