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Hello & Welcome - Job Seekers!

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to find meaningful employment. Our specialized training series for job seekers covers a wide range of topics to help you succeed in today's job market, including:

LinkedIn 101

What: LinkedIn can be intimidating. Join us to learn step-by-step how to create your LinkedIn profile and the five must-have profile sections, and the necessary ingredients for a professional online presence. Understand the importance and necessity of maintaining a highly visible and positive online representation of yourself using this essential tool for modern job seekers.  

The Power of Networking

What: What is networking? Chances are, you are networking almost every day without even realizing it. Learn how to build productive relationships with the people around you – and how to reach out to professionals to gain referrals and connections. Understand why most jobs are not obtained by responding to job postings, and how you can use the “hidden job market” to your advantage. 

Elevating Your Job Search

What: Take your job search to the next level! Learn about free online tools to help you filter your job searches to match your interests and salary goals, and even find out what people are saying about what it’s like to work at that company you’re thinking of applying for. Will that job be a good fit? Lastly, see how you can utilize your professional network to gain informational interviews and job opportunities.

Making Your Resume Stand Out

What: Lay the foundation for a strong resume using free resume-building tools, then make it into an attractive representation of your abilities. Little or no work experience? No problem. Learn how you can still make a strong impression with limited background. Understand the different styles of resumes and how to identify which one is best for you and the job you’re looking for. 

Understanding Job Applications

What: Job applications can be tedious, and many jobs are competitive. Instead of spending all day filling out applications, learn how to play the “numbers game” and send large numbers of job applications quickly and easily to maximize your chances of getting a call back from an employer. Learn how to use ‘easy apply’ tools to your advantage, as well as the dos and don’ts of filling out traditional applications.

All Things Interview

What: Interviews are nerve-wracking. But what if you knew what questions your interviewer was going to ask before your interview? We will show you how to effectively answer the most commonly asked interview questions and even how to research questions that specific organizations might ask using free online resources so that you can anticipate and prepare. You’ll also learn important interview etiquette, as well as what to do before, during, and after your interview. When it comes to interviews, knowledge is power.


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