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g&f University

grit & flow believes strongly in continuous professional development within all levels of an organization. Through our g&f University, your organization can continue to offer professional development to attract and retain employees.

Organizations are constantly changing, and professional development is essential to retain employees and support your inclusive journey. grit & flow offers a number of training programs for your supervisors and leads to enhance their leadership skills using neuro-inclusive and universal design foundations.


Person-Center Management

A curriculum focused on managing the individual. Managers complete assessments on their actualized leadership to understand their leadership styles and the associated challenges. Our training has six modules dedicated to understanding team members learning how to communicate best to set goals while building the relationship and instilling accountability.

Level 1: New Lead  Transition

Emerge your up-and-coming leader into management through our Level 1 training. We provide eight modules introducing hiring laws, emotional intelligence, managing time, employee evaluations, and communication.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks are ongoing micro-trainings held to educate managers, supervisors, and leads on current challenges facing their inclusion journey. We create a psychologically safe environment for important, but potentially uncomfortable questions to be asked. Potential issues and challenges are resolved before the inclusion effort hits roadblocks.

Level 2: Supervisor Transition

Intensive training on leadership style; detailed employee evaluations; human resource hiring and managing conflict; accounting and reporting industry-specific; creating work-based interviews; and creating the climate envisioned for their success.

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