Inclusion Planning & Implementation

Strategic planning provides organizations a sense of direction that helps make decisions and set goals. Inclusion is no different. The organization will benefit from looking at inclusion as a corporate wide-strategic tool and plan accordingly.

Studies articulate the importance of C-Suite level support of any new effort. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity are no different. Recently researchers found that CEOs must be consistent in message and signals to prioritize and mobilize key organizational actors to implement diversity management . There are two critical factors necessary for the implementation of corporate diversity practices:
• CEO engagement in pro-diversity behavior.
• Their respective HR manager perceives CEO commitment.

Other studies demonstrate the importance of creating clear diversity goals for the organization and aligning these with key performance indicators. Policies and procedures for hiring managers and human resource talent acquisition teams must be in writing. Research demonstrates hiring managers have the intention of hiring a diverse workforce, but without a written commitment from their organization, many do not follow through with this intention.

Strategy, planning, and implementation need to align clearly and be consistent. These practices translate into job descriptions, hiring practices, and performance reviews also must demonstrate this message. Website images and culture must communicate to potential applicants that your organization is a safe environment for them to be themselves. This is where organizational psychologists and business consultants come into the equation. This is where Grit & Flow can help.

Grit & Flow uses expertise in HR, business management, project management, organizational psychology, and diversity & inclusion to help organizations focus on inclusivity, identify exclusionary practices, and guide or perform job analysis to identify potential bias within recruiting practices. Our engaging and research-based training on inclusivity, neurodiversity, and management-team best practices for special populations propel your effort forward quickly and energetically.

Grit & Flow takes your inclusion effort a step further through the inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWD), neurodiverse individuals (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia), and mental health histories. Recruiting practices often miss these groups for reasons such as fear, ignorance, or lack of awareness. We can help you include these highly educated and capable potential employees to your applicant pool. Beyond that, we can help you set up an environment where all individuals, regardless of ability or disability, receive the accommodations they require to be the best employee for your organization.

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