Adding Neurodiversity and Disabilities to your DI&E Strategy

There is more to DI&E then race, color and sexual preference. Business leaders can not forget about other underrepresented populations such as disabled workers, and those with invisible diversities such as autism, dyslexia, and mental health.

Neurodiverse individuals are individuals that celebrate their cognitive differences and the skills and abilities that come with this difference. Neurodiverse individuals may be autistic, have ADHD, dyslexia or dysphagia. Despite a high level of intelligence for this group, the unemployment rate for autistics alone hovers around 85%. Persons with disabilities (PWD) have a slightly higher employment rate, around 30%, but are still underrepresented and under supported in the workplace. The current escalation in diversity, inclusion and equity efforts by organizations must include these populations in their efforts. Grit & Flow can help. We can educate, train, and create programs that will benefit these populations but also all individuals within your organization. Let us help.

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1. Attend a free webinar on "Neurodiversity in the Workplace"
2. Schedule a free consultation with Grit & Flow to discuss your DI&E effort and special populations

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Our Vision

The Grit & Flow vision is that every person, regardless of ability or disability, has the right to find well-being through employment. It is our goal to promote this vision through consulting with businesses on how to make the strategic changes needed to create inclusive workplaces full of positive well-being.

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