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Here are some exciting services Grit & Flow offers. We will customize or create a new plan for the services and needs of your organization. We provide expertise in many areas and are ready to help you however we can. We want you to be part of the solution for the inclusivity of all individuals in the workplace.

Inclusion Planning & Implementation

Strategic planning provides organizations a sense of direction that helps make decisions and set goals. Inclusion is no different. The organization will benefit from looking at inclusion as a corporate wide-strategic tool and plan accordingly.

Adding Neurodiversity and Disabilities to your DI&E Strategy

There is more to DI&E then race, color and sexual preference. Business leaders can not forget about other underrepresented populations such as disabled workers, and those with invisible diversities such as autism, dyslexia, and mental health.

Feasibility & Discovery for Workplace Inclusion

Each environment is unique. The feasibility and discovery process provides a realistic understanding of the environments being considered for inclusion so a plan can carefully be created and the workforce, environment and cultures can be cultivated to thrive.

Prepare Talent Acquisition Programs

Your human resource efforts are the heart of your organization and attracting diverse talent is highly dependent on the recruitment process. Talent Acquisition needs to know how to challenge their current hiring practices to be conducive to the needs of diverse groups. This includes, but is not limited to, where jobs are advertised, job descriptions, interviews procedures, and creating an environment that accommodates individuals enabling the hiring process to show their true abilities and skills.

Source Talent

Creating an inclusive and integrated workplace requires organizations to re-assess how they access available talent. Through Grit & Flow's community partnerships, we have the ability to introduce your effort to a massive number of viable candidates and help you navigate Federal programs to help offset costs associated with your effort.

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