Being a Neurodivergent Ally – Creating a neuro-inclusive workplace

A candid, fireside presentation centered on creating allyship within your organization for neurodivergent employees and candidates.

grit & flow will address your organization's most pressing questions surrounding enhancing neurodivergent equity and inclusion. The discussion includes grit and flow's neurodivergent consultants and will be facilitated by organizational psychologist and mother of two neurodivergent, Dr. Tiffany Jameson.



1. Learn how to begin creating a culture of neurodivergent allyship within your organization
2. Learn about actionable steps your organization can take to create a more inclusive and equitable workforce
3. Be an active part of the roundtable/discussion and help shape an actionable path forward


1. Greater Neurodiversity awareness and comprehension.
2. Beginning steps taken towards enhancing neurodivergent workplace equity, inclusion, and allyship.
3. Equipped with actionable strategies and next steps


1. Advance neurodivergent allyship within your workplace.
2. Enhance neurodivergent equity and inclusion.
3. Judgment-free space to participate, ask questions, and develop actionable E&I next steps.
4. Research-based strategies.
5. Greater understanding and awareness of neurodiversity
6. Increased psychological safety and opportunities for disclosure.
7. A crucial step for any equity & inclusion (E&I) initiative or department.

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