Neurodiversity 101: Challenges, Barriers & Enablers in the Workplace

Developed with our Neurodivergent (ND) consultants, our 101 courses are a unique convergence of the latest research with firsthand accounts from neurodivergent workers. Your organization will gain invaluable insight into individual ND challenges, workplace barriers, and first-step strategies to enable your workplace for success.



1. Increase Neurodiversity Awareness
2. Understand Barriers and Challenges
3. Learn about the first steps to neurodivergent workplace success


1. Greater Neurodiversity Awareness
2. Enhanced comprehension of barriers and challenges
3. Knowledge of first-step strategies to create a workplace that enables success and inclusion


1. Improves Awareness and Understanding
2. Increases psychological safety
3. Creates an opening for people to disclose
4. Taking the first step towards a commitment to Neurodivergence Equity and Inclusion
5. Learning about the next steps for greater Neurodiversity Equity and Inclusion

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