Employing People with Disabilities: What are we afraid of?

Fear is a central barrier to employing people with disabilities. This presentation will help your organization work towards dismantling fear with knowledge, solutions, and best practices.



1. Identify common fears towards employing people with disabilities.
2. Learn about the laws that govern employing people with disabilities
3. Learn about organizational best practices and accommodation that can help comply with disability employment laws and can help foster an equitable and inclusive workplace.


1. Reduced fear and increased zeal towards hiring people with disabilities
2. Greater knowledge of disability employment laws
3. Equipped with compliance and accommodation best practices


1. A step towards mitigating disability hiring fears and towards increased equity and inclusion
2. Enhanced understanding of disability employment laws, including as it pertains to employees and the employer
3. Clarity surrounding what is considered a “reasonable” accommodation
4. Workplace equity and inclusion best practices
5. Safe space to ask questions

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