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Corporate Training

Delivering a more Inclusive Future

It starts with education. Knowledge is infinite. As research-practitioners, we are a few organizations to provide trusted information to corporations through our research and our involvement in the communities we specialize. We aspire to be relevant and current and ensure that our approach uses many different disciplines as a lens to comprehend our findings.

We believe that corporate training should be interactive, informative, goal-oriented, and engaging. Our team combines passion, knowledge, and dynamic presentation skills to keep your organization focused and captivated throughout all our events.

What We Offer


101: Challenges, Barriers & Enablers

101 Courses discuss the challenges, barriers & enablers within the workplace for specific populations and topics (neurodiversity, autism, mental health).


Employer Responsibilities

Focus is on responsibilities of the organization for accommodating employees and best practices for specific impairments.


Managing &

Any hiring or inclusion effort will benefit from managers and co-workers having the knowledge and confidence to work with a neurodivergent or disabled employee.

​Inclusion & Business Consulting

grit & flow is a unique consultancy created to increase workplace inclusion practices through an organization. We began our practices focusing on the inclusivity of underemployed and under-utilized groups but quickly see the need to apply our practice to the entire organization.

Our practice is research-based, and we address all clients and projects with the highest level of integrity and honesty while still providing tactful conversations about difficult topics.

Using our multi-disciplinary approach to apply Organizational Psychology Consulting, we help organizations and workers thrive! Organizational Psychology is a specialty area of psychology focusing on applying and extending the study and interpretation of human behavior within organizations. grit & flow are research-practitioners applying recent research findings to help guide our clients through organizational growth.


What We Offer


People First

It starts with listening to our clients and understanding their worldview.


Get Talking

Engaging multiple stakeholders leads to clarity and buy-in.


Focus for Success

Right-sizing your inclusion efforts breed success in your organization.


Constant Conversations

Right-sizing your inclusion efforts breed success in your organization.



Inclusion & Business Consulting

As organization psychologists, we specialize in understanding human behavior at work and creating evidence-based programs and practices to help organizations and workers thrive. 

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