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Person Centered Workshop
Elevate Your Team to Champion Inclusion, Retention, Innovation and Productivity.

Join us in pioneering a workplace revolution, where every leader is an architect of inclusion, and every team a testament to diversity and unity.

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Master the skills to foster a neuroinclusive workplace.

Cultivate leadership that inspires retention and engagement.

Drive meaningful change with person-centered management practices.

Success Story

As someone who has dedicated the past 6 years to learning and supporting Neuroinclusion in the workplace, I can confidently say that this program is an invaluable investment that will help you accelerate your learning journey.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, the team at grit & flow expertly crafts learning content to ensure you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to support a person-centered workplace.

Terena Shanaberger
Senior Program Manager, Inclusive Hiring

At grit & flow, we understand that the heart of inclusion beats through the empowerment of every team member. Our new training series is crafted for managers and leaders like you, who are dedicated to nurturing an environment where everyone thrives. Discover the art of person-centered management, and let's co-create workplaces that resonate with our vision of inclusivity and high retention.

About the Training

Immerse yourself in a curriculum designed to challenge and enrich your understanding of inclusion. Covering everything from the basics of neurodiversity to advanced strategies for embedding person-centered practices within your leadership, our series offers a blend of expert insights, interactive workshops, and real-world applications.

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Program Structure

Four interactive sessions, blending online engagement with hands-on workshops, to offer you flexibility and depth in learning.

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Target Audience

Forward-thinking managers, HR professionals, and leaders eager to champion inclusive practices that celebrate diversity and ensure every employee feels integral to the team's success.

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Meet Your Guides on This Journey

Our instructors are not just experts; they are passionate advocates for change, with a deep commitment to fostering inclusive environments. With backgrounds in organizational psychology, leadership, and diversity training, they bring a wealth of experience and a genuine desire to support your growth as an inclusive leader.

At the heart of our training program are our experienced instructors, led by Dr. Tiffany Jameson, who bring a wealth of lived and professional experiences across the spectrum of diversity and inclusion.


Their journeys underscore a deep commitment to fostering environments where every level of management, from entry to C-suite, can thrive. Through a blend of personal stories and expert knowledge, they equip participants with actionable strategies to champion neurodiversity and person-centered management, ensuring that learners gain not just theoretical knowledge but practical tools for transformative leadership. Join us to benefit from their guidance and become an architect of inclusion in your organization.

Join Us on the Path to Inclusion Excellence

Where Every Step Forward is a Leap Towards Change. Secure Your Seat in the Vanguard of Inclusive Leadership!

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Enrollment Process

Simple steps to secure your place in this exclusive training, designed for those who are committed to making a difference



Investment details for a transformative journey, including comprehensive learning materials, personalized feedback, LinkedIn badge, and a certificate of completion.

Your Journey Begins Here

Take the Next Step with grit & flow: Don't just aspire to create an inclusive and retentive workplace; make it a reality. If you're ready to engage, empower, and retain your diverse talent through practical and transformative workshops.

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