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Let us be your guide to a person-centered workplace -
the foundation for retention

“When we talk about a culture of inclusion we think about an organizational environment that allows people with multiple backgrounds, mindsets, and ways of thinking to work effectively together and to perform to their highest potential in order to achieve organizational objectives based on sound principles.” (Maak, 2004, p. 139) 

Does this describe your organization?

This is where we come in.

Humans, by nature, resist change. Experience with change management is, therefore, necessary to successfully transform organizations into inclusive environments. Our own team's diversity exemplifies inclusion. Through our various backgrounds and expertise—our experiences with inclusion communication, transparency, and project management schedules and outcomes, bolstered by our extensive knowledge of leadership and management buy-in—we will support organizations to defeat inclusion challenges. We support and champion positive changes. 

Inclusion is a sustained effort that relies on understanding individual perceptions, attitudes, personalities, and group dynamics. It encompasses surface- and deeper-level diversity concerning well-being, productivity, and an overall sense of belonging. 


grit & flow understands these complexities and how these aspects of organizational culture impact team functioning and performance outcomes.




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