grit & flow is a unique consultancy created to increase workplace inclusion practices through an organization.

We began our practices focusing on the inclusivity of underemployed and under-utilized groups but quickly saw the need to apply our practice to the entire organization.

Our practice is research-based and we address all clients and projects with the highest level of integrity and honesty while still providing tactful conversations about difficult topics.


We specialize in an area of psychology focusing on applying and extending the study and interpretation of human behavior within organizations.

We are able to analyze job descriptions and job tasks to create an inclusive hiring process that extends to onboarding, training, and supporting employees to maximize their potential and thrive.


We look at the organization from a cultural perspective to determine how to address barriers to inclusion and provide a plan with interventions to guide the organization to true inclusivity.

We help you source talent differently. We look to your local community and find unique, under-utilized groups that will bring skills, loyalty, and a great attitude to your team.

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All of us want our employees to not only do a wonderful job, but to also enjoy their work environment.

Many companies today have eagerly embraced the advancement in technology and invested thousands of dollars in streamlining their services, processes, and products. However, there is still one common issue that afflicts companies, and that is high turnover rate.

Organizations need to find reliable talent that will invest themselves into the values and mission of the organization. Unfortunately, employee turnover is expensive resulting in lost productivity and the loss in the invaluable investment your organization has placed in each team member.

True Inclusivity will advance your business. 

Understanding why you are experiencing turnover or lacking access to the skills your organization needs to be examined through multiple lenses.


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