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We are excited that you’re here! The journey to becoming a business developer can seem intimidating, but we are committed to guiding you every step of the way through this crucial transformation.   

Explore our trainings and discover how to enrich your relationships with local businesses and empower job seekers. Reach out effectively and become an agency of choice to those looking for new talent.

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Module 1
Transition from Job Developer to Business Developer

Module 2
Train the Trainer

Module 1 - 
Transition from Job Developer to
Business Developer!! - Part 1

Part 1: Job Developer Confidence + Foundational Competencies

What: Through this session, you will gain the ability to use the models of disability to understand and connect with job seekers and employers. You will be able to confidently explain the application of the ADA for hiring and supporting job seekers and educating employers. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of the five attitudes and values for professional relationship building. Lastly, you will understand and be able to apply fundamental communication skills of effective listening, connecting meditation, negotiation, and advocacy! 

Module 1 - 
Transition from Job Developer to
Business Developer!! - Part 2

Part 2: Understanding Corporate Hiring + Selling the Value Proposition + Laws that Protect your Client

What: Through this session, you will gain the ability to identify how the employment rate impacts available jobs, how HR departments are structured, and how to approach them based on their structure.

Learn how to communicate with HR professionals effectively and how to apply the three parts of a value proposition (learned in Part 1) for different situations thorough understanding and application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and know when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) needs to become involved.

Job Devloper to Business Devloper

Module 2 - Train the Trainer - Part 1/5

Part 1: Tools to Assess Strengths

What: This training provides various tools to assess and identify strengths relating to employment for job seekers. These tools will aid in providing individualized services to your job seeker and increase the potential of a strong work match for both them and the employer. This training is strongly recommended if you sometimes find yourself unsure of how to identify your job seeker's strengths. 

Module 2 - Train the Trainer - Part 2/5

Part 2: Tools to Assess Work Readiness

What: Identifying a job that will be a good fit for your job seeker is one thing; identifying their work skills is entirely different. This training will determine how to assess work readiness and discuss what skills your job seeker needs to succeed in their new job!

Module 2 - Train the Trainer - Part 3/5

Part 3: Creating Goal Orientation Identity for Job Seekers

What: Learn to explore your job seeker's ability to self-examine and identify their values, goals, and which path they want to follow to sustain employment.

Module 2 - Train the Trainer - Part 4/5

Part 4: LinkedIn Profile & Resume Building

What: LinkedIn is a powerful tool for creating a professional online presence and showcasing experience, abilities, and passions. When leveraged effectively, the platform provides ample opportunity for networking with businesses and connecting with professionals in any field for informational interviews.

Module 2 - Train the Trainer - Part 5/5

Part 5: Breaking down the Interview

What: Understand the process, expectations, and goals of an interview. Learn how to prepare your job seekers to portray themselves in the best light, what language should be used, and more importantly, what language shouldn't be used.

Train the Trainer


If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact

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