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What is Inclusion?



1 hour

An inclusive culture can be simply stated as one that is not exclusive. Not very helpful? Well, let’s think about it. What if one of your employees expressed that they felt left out of social and informational networks and barred from the organization’s decision-making process. Would you say they are feeling inclusive within the organization or excluded? Mor Barak (2014) expressed inclusion best as, “The concept of inclusion-exclusion in the workplace refers to the individual’s sense of being a part of the organizational system in both the formal processes, such as access to information and decision-making channels, and the informal processes, such as ‘water cooler’ and lunch meetings where information exchange and decisions informally take place” (p. 155). This training carefully defines inclusion versus exclusive organizations with interactive dialogue reviewing case studies to apply the concepts to situations. The risks an organization faces by not being inclusive are also explained. This training is a primer for more detailed trainings on focused topics related to inclusive efforts, neurodiversity and other under-represented groups within the workplace. The trainer has completed the Cornell University Diversity and Inclusion Certificate.



This training will apply to any level within the organization but is recommended for management teams. Source: Mor Barak, M. E. (2014). Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage